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  • Compendium 8.0

    Compendium 8.0

    Full Line Catalog. Contains all product groups until April 2015.

  • Triitopia


    A magical world of climbing and adventure with a highly modular system that allows every structure to be custom designed to a maximal extent.

  • Fast Lane Slide

    Fast Lane Slide

    Learn more about our new HDPE “Fast Lane Slide”

  • Urban Design Berlin 2017

    Urban Design Berlin 2017

    Latest innovations from 2017 of contemporary Playpoints that enhance every public space.

  • DNA Towers

    DNA Towers

    High towers in a new design with three-dimensional nets and endless possibilities of combinations!

  • Joe Brown Collection

    Joe Brown Collection

    Latest innovations from 2017 of the world`s first rope play equipment with an outer structure made of wood.

  • Windrider


    A surfboard for the pedestrian zone! This innovative Playpoint joins in every movement, no matter where the wind comes from.

  • Woodville


    Wooden cottages (shacks) resting on posts, which are characterized by a construction that appears to be skewed and random.

  • Greenville Tower & Triis

    Greenville Tower & Triis

    Endless combinations of high Towers and Triis in the Greenville-style.

  • Inclusive Play

    Inclusive Play

    Provides resources and guidelines on how to create inclusive playgrounds.

  • Spooky Rookies

    Spooky Rookies

    These products are especially geared to the needs of children from 0-3 years of age, fostering early motor and psychomotor development.

  • Trii


  • Urban Design Berlin

    Urban Design Berlin