1. February 2018

Mag­i­cal, twist­ed, crazy 

Tri­itopia com­bines award win­ning design with tried and test­ed mate­ri­als in a spec­tac­u­lar way! A mag­i­cal world of climb­ing and adven­ture where real­i­ty and fic­tion blend togeth­er and evolve into the unpre­dictable inter­play of trans­par­ent and closed facade ele­ments that are com­bined in close knit, nes­tled and asym­met­ric ways.

Diverse net pieces invite you to climb, and lead to numerous corners and angles, and up to viewing areas and slides on different levels. Whether a magic school, bandit’s tower or knight’s castle, anything is possible here!

The chaos has a system!
Behind the seemingly random construction, lies a highly modular system that allows every Triitopia structure to be custom designed in a shape and size to a maximal extent. To do so, choose from a wide range of different net elements, panel types and slide options, and let your custom adventure world become a reality with us.
It goes without saying that Triitopia can be combined with nearly all other Berliner play equipment.

At a height of more than ten metres and a huge three dimensional net inside, Triitopia.02 offers unlimited possibilities for fun and adventure across a total of seven levels.

Kids will fully enjoy the slightly smaller adventure world. Children that ascend through Triitopia.01 to the very top can swiftly descend the tunnel slide all the way to the ground. Alternatively, the new net tunnel on the facade can be used as an ascent or descent option.

An overview of all details can be found in our new Triitopia brochure. Click here to download or to browse online.